【10.2】Today is my birthday

by shinichi_wtn 2006-10-03 10:11

today is my birthday. when the sun rises up from the edge of the east and starts shining the world , i'm waking for no reason or just the noise made in my dormitory which never stop at such an early morning . Sometimes, i can't bear what my some classmates did. they seems have endless energe. every night he sleeps very late and every morning he gets up too early as if a non-stoped machine or somethine purposely wants to make us uncomfortable.

oh today is my birthday ,suddenly i come up with a piece of song whose name is just "today is my birthday" and which sung by berryz. why there exsits those bad people. i have already 19 now or what means the farther distance from the pure happiness. The world isn't pure at all . from the inner heart , i don 't want to grow up, it may seems of no logic . but it's my true feeling.

today is my birthday , perhaps i always look it as nothing special. however it's the first time i enjoy my birthday outside my home. Yes it is already special.

today is my birthday. maybe i have to say more, but i know i have to bear since i adapted to this new environment .

today is my birthday , make it bright and delight .

PS this article is written by my mobile phone.


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