A Happy Birthday

by shinichi_wtn 2010-10-02 22:00

A wonderful birthday

by shinichi_wtn 2009-10-02 23:45
(the birthday cake) Very glad that many of my best friends celebrated the birthday of mine tonight. We went to FuWangju which is a place to eat stockpot near our school. During the national day holiday, restaurants were full of people. Since I ordered eight seats in advance, we had a wonderful priv... [More]

Write something the day before my 22th birthday

by shinichi_wtn 2009-10-01 23:41
Time flies, I have been an senior student now. Remember one year ago or two years ago, I seldom think about my future, but this term it is time to think what I will do in the following years. I'm very busy recently because of postgraduate recommendation. My dream is to enter Peking University and I ... [More]


by shinichi_wtn 2008-10-02 23:59

【10.2】Today is my birthday

by shinichi_wtn 2006-10-03 10:11
today is my birthday. when the sun rises up from the edge of the east and starts shining the world , i'm waking for no reason or just the noise made in my dormitory which never stop at such an early morning . Sometimes, i can't bear what my some classmates did. they seems have endless energe. every... [More]


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